8.1.   About delivery times indicated on the Website

  • These are estimates only.
  • We will use reasonable endeavours to deliver Products no later than 30 days from the date Rochdale AFC sends the order confirmation e-mail described in item 7.1(c).

8.2.   About delivery times for international delivery

  • These will vary according to delivery destinations.
  • Please contact Product Enquiries using the details given in item 4.1 if you have any queries.

8.3.   If your order has not been delivered by the estimated delivery time range after you have received the order confirmation e-mail described in item  7.1(c)

Please contact Product Enquiries using the details given in item 4.1.

8.4.   Splitting delivery

  • Rochdale AFC may deliver your order separately in different parts if the circumstances reasonably require it (e.g. due to stock availability).
  • Rochdale AFC will not impose additional charges for this.

8.5.   Delivery delays

  • Rochdale AFC is not liable to you for delays to delivery which are caused by factors outside Rochdale AFC’s reasonable control (e.g. shortage of materials, delays in import, unusually high demand, customs procedures etc.).
  • Rochdale AFC will use reasonable endeavours to inform you by e-mail of any such delay
  • If the Products are not delivered in 30 days: Rochdale AFC will cancel the order and reimburse you for all payments you have made to Rochdale AFC in relation to the order. That reimbursement is due 14 days after the above notification or 14 days after the end of the 30-day period, whichever is later.

8.6.   About delivery charges

  • Rochdale AFC will indicate any delivery charges on the Website.
  • Rochdale AFC will not be able to process your order if you do not accept the relevant delivery charges.
  • Taxes applying to delivery charges may depend on your country of residence.

8.7.   About international delivery

  • The Product Description (e.g. delivery times) may vary depending on the country which you are in and/or to where you wish the Product to be delivered.
  • Products may not necessarily be available for international delivery to every country.